Chauffeur service for Monaco Grand Prix

Chauffeur service Monaco
Do not miss the Grand Prix de Monaco…

Everybody heard about the biggest event in the world of the motor race: The Monaco Grand Prix, the names of Schumacher & Senna are well known even for a child, and there is no man who wouldn’t dream to visit the Formula 1, the main and most prestigious automobile race in the world.

Tickets for the race are sold very quickly as many spectators want to see the race not on the screen of TV but in reality.

Besides, it’s a perfect possibility to visit the beautiful principality of Monaco and Monte-Carlo, as well as to go on a tour around the French Riviera and to see Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Saint-Tropez, and even maybe Italy which is very close to Monaco.

… book now your private chauffeur service with NLS Limousine Service

So many spectators buy their flight tickets to Nice and tickets for the Monaco Grand Prix, but for better organization of the stay they book the transfer from the Nice airport to the hotels of Monte-Carlo.

The richest people live there so there are a lot of luxury cars & limousines in the street, & professional private chauffeurs in tuxedos, suits & ties. For people traveling and visiting special events reliable chauffeur companies such as NLS Limo provide the ground transportation organizing comfortable limo service for transfers from & to the Nice airport as well as car rental with a driver.

Experienced private chauffeurs drive passengers in minivans or sedans for sightseeing and for visiting the long-waited events.

When the client books a chauffeur transportation in NLS Limo, he can be sure that he will get a high standard service, and his private driver will do his best to satisfy the customer. Booking in NLS Limo a comfortable luxury car with service onboard: refreshments, air conditioner, Wi-Fi & bottled Evian water, the client will get only the best impressions from our beautiful region.

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