Private Driver Cannes

The French Riviera attracts many visitors every year. The city of Cannes and its numerous events contribute significantly to the general interest in the region. Cannes, the perfect holiday destination, has built its reputation thanks to the wealthy tourists of the last century and the stars of the big screen. Luxury and glamour have shaped the city. High-end hotels such as The Majestic, The Martinez or The Carlton set the stage. These prestigious buildings stand in front of the famous and very chic Croisette where every year the great names of cinema come to attend the Cannes Film Festival.

Travel by car without the inconveniences

To get around town or the surrounding area, using a private driver in Cannes offers many advantages. The most enjoyable of all is undoubtedly the fact that you can enjoy the stay without having to organize a roadmap. When you don’t know the environment, driving is a stressful experience for many people. Even with a GPS navigation assistant, it is common to make a mistake at the wrong intersection. Finding a parking space, especially in the city centre, can also be quite difficult. With NLS France and its team of highly experienced private drivers, travelling by car in Cannes is very easy.

Airport transfer and visiting Cannes

To simplify all your trips on the French Riviera, our premium private driver service takes care of your transfer from Nice airport to Cannes. You can also call on our transport company to discover all the must-see places in Cannes. You can book a sightseeing tour on our website with a personal driver to visit Cannes. We will drop you off near places of interest not to be missed such as the Palais des festivals and its Chemin des étoiles, in the historic heart of Le Suquet or at the flower market of Allées de la liberté to immerse you in the Provençal atmosphere.

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