April 15, 2022: NLS France acts for the forest with Reforest’ Action.
Thus, we estimated the total number of kilometers traveled by our vehicles for 1 year and then bought carbon credits which will be used for a reforestation project (Rimba Raya in Indonesia). See certificate (attached)
If we cannot speak of “carbon compensation”, NLS France is trying, on its own scale, to contribute to the climate.
We are well aware that this contribution only has credibility if we conduct parallel efforts that will involve a certain number of additional actions.
If driving an electric vehicle for professionals like us is still difficult to set up (range, price, terminals and charging times, etc.), we have however installed a charging terminal at our office which allows us to recharge the personal vehicles of our employees. Where possible, we also arrange for drivers to keep company vehicles at their homes. We also have smartphone chargers with cords made from recycled bottles.

About Reforest’Action:
Forest specialist, Reforest’Action is a B Corp certified company whose mission is to
preserve, restore and create forests around the world, in response to the climate emergency
and the loss of biodiversity. To do this, Reforest’Action selects forestry projects,
supports them financially and ensures their quality, in order to develop their multiple benefits
environmental, social and economic over time. The mission of Reforest’Action is
made possible thanks to crowdfunding from citizens and businesses. Since his
created in 2010, Reforest’Action has planted and regenerated more than 20 million trees in 42 countries
thanks to the contribution of 3,000 companies and 300,000 citizens. In 2021, Reforest’Action has
recognized as a Partner-Actor of the United Nations Decade for the Restoration
More information: www.reforestaction.com

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