nlsfrance.com is a trademark of SARL NLS France, Limited liability company with a capital of 8000 €, whose headquarters is at 59, boulevard Alexandre III 06400 Cannes, registered in the Cannes Trade and Companies Register under the number 807818240, intra-community VAT number: FR 39 807 818 240

The present general conditions constitute the contract by which the Company proposes and provides the Service and apply to vehicle orders placed by the Customer.

(hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”)

to the Company via the nlsfrance.com website.

By using the Service, the Customer acknowledges and accepts all the terms of these general terms and conditions.


The Company offers a chauffeured vehicle travel service operating exclusively by advance reservation through its website www.nlsfrance.com.

The Company is registered in the register of operators of chauffeur-driven transport vehicles under the number EVTC 006140208 and is subject to the provisions of Articles L 231-1 to L 231-4 of the French Tourism Code and Decree No. 85-891 of August 16, 1985.

The Company has its own vehicles but may use companies identical to its own without informing the Client.


The Customer must go to the nlsfrance.com website, choose the date and time and the type of vehicle and then can choose to pay online or in cash at the time of pick-up.

The Customer is informed that the vehicles offered are sedans and/or minivans of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

The Company is not currently able to offer vehicles specially adapted for people with reduced mobility.

The Service is open every day, 24 hours a day and is only accessible by booking in advance.

  • Booking in advance

The Client may order a vehicle from the Company prior to the date and time of the start of the relevant race. The delay can be from 1 year maximum to 3 hours minimum.

Reservations requested within a shorter period will only be made by telephone or by SMS/WhatsApp on +33 601 333 442.

The customer will have to fill in the fields proposed by the site and specify his means of payment.

The customer pays for his booking:

  • By debit card through STRIPE secured platform (VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS accepted)

  • At the end of the ride (if the chosen payment method is in cash, in euros only)

The customer then receives 3 e-mails:

1) A pre-application with the amount collected and user credentials to access his customer area.

2) Within a maximum of 12 hours, the customer receives a new confirmation email.

3) Finally, a last e-mail with the name and cell phone of the driver and his photo if possible (an SMS may eventually replace the latter).

The customer is warned that a reservation requested at night (22:00-07:00, French time) may not be confirmed promptly.

  • Booking a ride starting from an airport/station

Airport: the customer will have to fill in his flight number in the field provided for this purpose in the reservation form.

Station: the customer must enter his train number (and if possible the origin) in the field provided for this purpose.

Indicate the type of luggage (cabins or holds) is also strongly recommended. The Company reserves the right not to carry out the mission or to charge for an additional vehicle if this exceeds the capacity indicated on the site.

The Company may not be held liable in the event of erroneous information provided by the Client (incomplete flight/train number, date error), nor in the event of erroneous information relating to the reference flight/train for the trip, transmitted by the information service or through the dedicated application of the airport/train concerned.


  • Modifications

All modifications or cancellations must be made only via the customer area. You just have to connect to it thanks to the codes provided by email.

If the Customer has misplaced his login and/or password, he will just have to connect to the reservation site and click on “your booking” in the menu or on “manage booking” in a reservation form and indicate the e-mail address that was used for the reservation, the codes will be sent back to him.

Some changes may be subject to additional charges that must be paid by credit card only. An online payment link via Stripe will then be sent to the Customer.

If the modification is made while the Customer is on board, he must immediately inform the driver. The latter reserves the right to refuse and in case of acceptance will have to indicate the amount of the supplement. Payment will be made on board the vehicle.

  • Cancellations & refunds


In case of cancellation or request for modification impossible to satisfy within a minimum of 3 hours before the pick-up time and 12 hours if the request was made between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., the customer will be refunded 100%. This will take place, according to the bank, within a maximum period of 1 month. It will be done on the credit card used for the payment or by bank transfer (The bank details must correspond to the person or company who booked the mission).

For any cancellation less than 3 hours before the pick-up time or 12 hours if the request was made between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. (French time), no refund will be possible.

The driver has no obligation to make a request made by the Customer less than 3 hours before the pick-up time and 12 hours if the request was made between 22:00 and 07:00 (French time). A request not made shall not be grounds for reimbursement.

Driver at your disposal (hourly rates)

In case of cancellation or request for modification impossible to satisfy within a minimum of 12H before the scheduled pick-up time and 24H if the request was made between 22:00 and 07:00 (French time), the customer will be refunded 100%. According to the bank, the reimbursement will be made within a maximum period of 1 month. This will be done on the credit card used for payment or by bank transfer (The bank details must correspond to the person or company that booked the mission).

For any cancellation less than 12H before the pick-up time or 24H if the request was made between 22:00 and 07:00 (French time), no refund will be possible.

The driver has no obligation to make a request formulated by the Customer and not indicated at the time of booking. The request not made will not be a reason for reimbursement.

No refund is possible if the number of hours reserved by the Customer is not realized.

Deposits and refunds


NLS France may ask for a deposit of 20% and up to 100% of the total amount before the mission is carried out.


Deposits may be refunded only up to 20% of the amount deposited, for any cancellation reason (except in cases of Force Majeure).


If these are not feasible for the Company, the conditions for reimbursement will be the same as for cancellations.


The passenger must report to the driver at the agreed time and at the address indicated.

The driver will indicate his presence to the Customer by phone or SMS.

  • Transfers


1 hour is offered as soon as the plane lands

Other pick-up locations:

A 15-minute waiting time is offered. An additional 15-minute paid wait is provided if the client requests it. If no request is made during this extra time, the driver may, on his own initiative, cancel the trip and no refund will be claimed.

Additional stops: These must be indicated at the time of booking. Otherwise, the driver can refuse the request (busy schedule for example) without the Customer being able to claim any refund. An extra 5 minutes is granted for each stop.

Paid waiting times must be paid directly to the driver by credit card or cash (€ only) according to a precise scale indicated at the end of our terms of sale.

  • Driver at your disposal (hourly rates)

The Customer benefits from a franchise of 30 km per hour. Any excess mileage or additional time must be paid on board according to a precise scale indicated at the end of these general conditions of sale.

The Company cannot be held responsible for any errors in the itinerary if the Client has not indicated his program beforehand at the time of his reservation.


The rates are increased by 15% if the missions take place between 22H00 and 06H00 in the morning and by 10% between 20H00 and 08H00 during the congress period.

The VAT rate is 10% for transfers and 20% for hourly services.


The Service offered by the Company consists of providing a vehicle corresponding to the customer’s request. If the type of vehicle requested is not available in the same category, the Company must inform the Client, who may cancel his order. However, the Company reserves the right to upgrade the Client without informing him (e.g., Mercedes vehicle type E class by a type V class). The Client may not claim any refund if this choice does not suit him.

  • Insurance

The Company is guaranteed by a reputably solvent insurance company that covers the risks related to its activity in accordance with current legislation.

Passengers are considered as third parties by the Driver, and are covered for all bodily injury, material and immaterial damage that they may suffer as a result of a traffic accident, with unlimited cover for bodily injury, from boarding the vehicle to alighting, except for damage caused by their fault.

  • Service Availability

The Company makes every effort to make online ordering services available on a permanent basis. However, the Company may have to interrupt these services for reasons inherent to operating and maintenance constraints.

The Company cannot guarantee the constant availability of the Service, and in particular of the Internet portal and the SMS service. In particular, the Company cannot be held liable in the event of unavailability of the mobile telephone network, the Internet, or the operation of the Customer’s or passenger’s mobile device. The Company shall not be held liable for such hardware malfunctions or unavailability unless they result from gross negligence or intentional fault attributable to the Company.

In addition, accessibility to the Service is subject to the Client’s use of sufficient and appropriate computer resources allowing access to the Service, and in particular an Internet connection, an appropriate Internet browser, telephone, or smartphone.

  • Vehicle availability and transport

The Company cannot be held liable in the event of force majeure (an irresistible and unforeseeable event) and in particular in the following cases: breakdown or malfunction of communication networks (Internet, telephony, etc.) preventing the availability of the telephone or online reservation service, unusual traffic disruptions (events, traffic accidents, etc.).

The responsibilities of the Company and the Driver cannot be engaged if the Passenger must be accompanied by an accompanying person and the latter is absent, if the accessibility to the vehicle is insufficient, if the vehicle cannot park in accordance with the Highway Code on the public highway near the point of departure in order to take charge of the Passenger, or if for any reason beyond its control, the driver of the vehicle cannot take charge of the Passenger.

The performance of the transport service, from the boarding to the disembarkation of the vehicle, is under the exclusive responsibility of the vehicle driver and the Passenger.

Any request for special assistance from the Passenger made to the Driver that exceeds the Passenger’s transportation service alone is the full responsibility of the Passenger in the event of an accident or damage occurring during this assistance.

  • Travel time

In the event of a trip that is of particular importance to the Customer or Passenger, and/or subject to time constraints, it is the Customer’s responsibility to take sufficient precautions to mitigate any difficulty or other incident.

In particular, the Company recommends that the Client provide an additional 20-minute margin of precaution for travel to train stations and 30 minutes for travel to airports under normal traffic conditions and cannot be held liable for the consequences of traffic conditions.

5.5 Customer Liability

The Customer is expected to behave properly during the ride.

In the event of damage to the equipment or the vehicle attributable to the Client, the Company will invoice the Client for the cost of repairing the vehicle or changing the equipment.

Passengers, adults and children, are required to fasten their seat belts. A fine is incurred by persons caught in default during a control by the police.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to smoke and to carry flammable, explosive, corrosive or toxic substances. Failure to comply with this stipulation will engage the responsibility of the customer and the passenger. The Company then reserves the possibility of any possible recourse.

Luggage must be deposited in the trunk of the vehicle. The luggage remains under the full responsibility of the Client. The driver cannot be held responsible for any forgotten luggage. No luggage can be entrusted to the driver. The Driver may refuse luggage that is excessively heavy or oversized, as well as luggage that he considers detrimental to the safety of the transport.

  • Service access restrictions

The Company may restrict access to any Client, without prior notice, in particular but not limited to the following cases:

  • The Client’s failure to comply with his/her obligations
  • Inappropriate behavior of the Customer or his/her companions on board the vehicles
  • The absence of payment by the Customer of the sums due to the SARL NLS France for rides already carried out or cancelled after the arrival of the car.
  • The cancellation of the Order by the Customer after the assignment of the car, twice during a period of 3 months.

 The Company may modify these terms and conditions without notice.


The present general conditions are subject to French laws and regulations.

In the event of difficulty in the interpretation or execution of these general conditions, of difficulty in the execution and realization of one of the services ordered online, the dispute between professionals will, in the absence of amicable agreement, be submitted to the exclusive competence of the competent court of Cannes.

Summary table of additional costs

TRANSFER E Class S Class V Class
Waiting time per additional hour, divisible by 15 min (10% VAT included) 90 € 120 € 100 €
Night rate from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. +15% +15% +15%
E Class S Class V Class
Waiting time per additional hour, divisible by 30 min (20% VAT included) 75 € 94 € 82 €
Additional km beyond 25 km per hour (10% VAT included) 2,5 €/km 3,5 €/km 2,7 €/km

Driver fees (VAT include)

Hotel night 120 €
Meal 25 €
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